Birthday Road Trip In Barbados


I truly have had the hardest time putting together posts from our trip to Barbados.  Every time I go to colour correct photos I find myself floating off into dreamland where the sun is kissing my skin, the ocean breeze is blowing through my hair and the relaxing soundtrack of the ocean is tickling my ears.  Then I come back to reality to find an hour or two has past.  Am I the only one that is having huge bouts of wanderlust?

This was my 3rd birthday with Paul and every year he out does himself.  My first birthday together he set up a day long scavenger hunt around Montreal with the end result of all the places we visited creating a connect the dot heart.  Last year he took me on a surprise little road trip down to Vermont to visit the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory and picnic it up by the lake.  But this year he really out did himself with a week of full attention in Barbados.  Ahh… Paradise!

If you are new to my blog you may not know that Paul and I are road trip fanatics! We took a nice long 5,1000 kms road trip to start off 2011, drove down the east coast of the States to Savannah, Georgia the Christmas before and not to mention all the mini weekend road trips across the eastern part of Canada and the States.  We just love to be on the road together, so it was no wonder that we HAD to take a road trip while we were in Barbados.  Since the island is pretty small 34 kms (21 mi) in length and 23 kms (14 mi) in width it makes for a perfect one day road trip.  Which I highly recommend to anyone visiting this beautiful and diverse island.  The west side of the island is sophisticated and littered with beautiful white sand beaches and the calm Caribbean Sea. While the east side of the island is very rugged with the waves of the Atlantic Ocean crashing down on picturesque headlands and coves.  The middle of the island is quite and rural covered with sugar cane fields and dotted with old Plantation Houses but there is also Welchmand Hall Gully which is a tropical forest filled with exotic plant life and home to the Green Monkeys.  This area brought back so many memories of my time in the Amazon Rain Forest, untouched and wild!  The North part of the island is clearly not touristy at all and I feel as though you see the 3rd world part of Barbados here but yet the people are so kind and have a smile on their face.  The South is where we started our road trip which is a really lively atmosphere and perfect for the independent traveler who has no interest in staying at an all-inclusive hotel.  Either way anywhere you go on the island of Barbados the people are so friendly and willing to help you no matter how lost you get.

Car rentals are not expensive, even with having to get a visitor Bajan drivers license.  We used 1st Choice Car Rental.  The only down fall to a road trip in Barbados the lack of road signs or names for their streets for that matter. You are never to sure where you are not matter how long you look at the map but the views are amazing no matter where you are so it all makes for a beautiful and adventurous road trip!

So pour yourself a glass of rum and enjoy the island of Barbados through my eyes.

Birthday Breaky

Driving through crazy roads.

A little chattel house typical to the working class of Barbados by the beach.  These houses are designed to move from one property to another.

Our little rental car and a yellow house.

This photo does not do this view from the Cherry Tree Hill entrance any justice.  Area known as the Scotland District and a must if you can find it ;)

Morgan Lewis Mill is one of the only two working sugar windmills in the world today.

A road less traveled.  With reason our little car didn’t like this road and we didn’t even make it to the end of it but I could hear the waves!

Any local will tell you, if you are on the east side of Barbados you must eat at Sand Dunes Restaurant which is just off Emy Bourne HWY.  It can be easy to miss as it is just a small green building with patio tables but the food is amazing! Beef stew, sweet potato pie and macaroni pie. YUMMY!

Bathsheba on the east side with the Atlantic ocean.  Reminded me so much of a small version of the views from Great Ocean Road in Australia.

This is truly my dream home, surrounded by mountains and a clear view of the Atlantic Ocean.  The name on the sign says ‘RANDOM’ I mean how much more perfect can it get?

Getting lost in Barbados is great. We were in a development which lead us to this piece of land for sale.  How would you like this to be your back yard? Yes, PLEASE!

All in all that was the best birthday ever!  Thank you so much Paul for treating me like your princess.

I hope you enjoyed my ‘little’ Barbados road trip post. I will be back with a few more Barbados post like Bajan Mail and A MUST DO list while in Barbados.

Much Love,

UPDATE:  This post made it onto The #Barbados Daily!

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12 thoughts on “Birthday Road Trip In Barbados”

  1. Your beau Paul is such a sweetie! this post really melts my heart. Always lovely to see two fabulous people in love and living life :D gorgeous photos again, just like the teaser post… thanks for sharing crystal!

  2. Hey HouseofHearts! Fantastic blog. I’m totally moving to Barbados. I MUST live in one of those little houses. Definitely!


    Angie & Snooky

  3. Oh Crystal! What fantastic photos! Great editing job. Looks so beautiful. I am totally stealing Paul’s scavenger hunt idea with the conect-the-dots. What a romantic! Doesn’t this make you excited for next year? I am so happy for you cuz and I can’t wait to see you and meet him!

  4. Thanks @Isma but these photos where taken with my digital SLR. With my Holga I have been using random expired film I have around the house and I believe the film I used while I was in Barbados was Kodak 400 colour negeative.

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