Fill my recipe box!

Summer time and blogging for me don’t always work well together but awhile back my sister Amanda and I started to share with each other our thrifting finds on our blogs on Wednesdays since we live about 5,000+ KMS {3,000+ Miles} away from each other . The past few days in Montreal have been cooler and made me want to start cooking and baking again. Hence my vintage recipe box which was $1. Now this pretty little thing is in pretty good shape but for the rust going on under neither her but that’s just a sign that she was put to good use in her life time {or that is what I think anyway}. She came with the dividers inside of her and a nice stack of recipe cards.

That’s where you come in! I would love to fill up my pretty recipe box with yummy recipes and thought you could help. Since most of you gals & guys are from all over the world this is very exciting for me! Mixing in my love of mail I thought I could mail you one of my hand written or typed {with my typewriter} recipes, along with a blank recipe card where you can write/type your favourite recipe and mail it to me. Sounds like fun right? And no one is left empty handed!

Well if you would like to swap recipes with me {which I suggest you do!} then send me your address through my contact form with the subject ‘Recipe Swap’. It is safe and I WILL NOT share your address. If you are a vegetarian or vegan please let me know because I would hate to send you something that requires an animal product when I have lots of favourite recipes that don’t.

Living in Montreal with all of my friends moving away this is really a way to connect with people and sharing our love for cooking, culture and mail. With that being said please do not send computer printed recipe cards I love recipes but I also love feeling like someone put some time to create something just for me. Even if it is just hand writing, there is just something precious about it. I will be sharing all the recipes that come in so if you have a blog or shop make sure to add it on the recipe card and I will make sure to link to you!

Until We Meet Again. Much ♥,

P.S. This swap will be open until my recipe box is full so share the ♥!

4 thoughts on “Fill my recipe box!”

  1. What a wonderful idea! I’m in — and would love a recipe back. I have some vintage recipe boxes too and darn–I wish I thought of asking for recipe trades on my blog. Hope you get some good ones.

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