Much Love Monday

Outings with Paul + Mornings spent around the kitchen table = GREAT weekend!

Right now I am lovin’
♥A teaspoon of sweetened condensed milk in my coffee. Yummy! Tastes like dulce de leche. ♥ Wondering around the library with Paul. ♥Writing letters in the morning. ♥Miss.Pickle’s killer set of zine’s I received in the mail. ♥Biking around in the cooler weather. ♥Not spending so much time on the computer (hence why I am backed up with blogging). ♥Dreaming of Barbados.

And lastly I am ♥in’ the cooler weather that has come our way and forces me to dress in layers. Simply my favourite time of year. Now we sit in wait until the colours change to beautiful rich golden colours.

What are you lovin’ today? Need a little more love encouragement? Check out Anna’s Much Love Posts!

Until we meet again. Much ,

5 thoughts on “Much Love Monday”

  1. My housemate brought back chocolate brownies from a lunch they had at church – I had three little ones for my lunch now really wishing I’d brought some more with me so I could have shared them round the office lol. Been working on stats and graphs this afternoon so feeling all happy about that which is kinda really girlie. Trying to decide whether to go to the cinema or go home and watch lots of TV. I probably should go home and do chores but that’s boring lol.

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