September Wrap Up – October Wishlist

Above photo taken of the end result of making soya milk. Yup that is a yummy 100% hand crafted soya latte by yours truly for my love Paul. I of course made one for myself as well! I’m working on a on photo tutorial so you can make your own yummy soya milk at home too. It is quite simple really!

Things that happened this Month
♥ I started school & got my first 100% on a project in graphic design. ♥ Created #30Lists, which I have yet to put on the old blog-a-roo. ♥ Got sick. Two weeks later and I still have the cough. ♥ Wrote some letters. ♥ Paid off one of my old school loans. ♥ Made a lot of soya milk.

October Wishlist
♥ Go apple picking with Paul. ♥ Get 80%+ on my mid-terms. ♥ Re-design Paul’s website. ♥ Organize all my digial clip art. ♥ Buy external hard drive. ♥ Do the sun and moon salutations every day.

What are your plans for the month of October?

Until we meet again. Much ,

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♥ Photo frame by Pugly Pixel

3 thoughts on “September Wrap Up – October Wishlist”

  1. hey 70% or higher in all of my classes, organize the rest of my storage room, finish the 2 books i’ve been reading for months, sell the rest of the stuff i have for sale on kajiji, rent out our upstairs suite!

  2. this October I should finish photobooks album for my friend’s wedding and for our trip to San Francisco :)
    Btw, I love soy milk, especially the one that my mom made it.

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