Much Love Monday

This morning I went to check my email to find that I could not access it nor was my blog showing up which kind of sent a sense of panic in me. But I knew just what happened my domain was not renewed by the company that manages my hosting and domains. I am always way to understanding but the anger inside of me this morning was making my body shake.

That is water under the bridge now and the day must go on. I have been cleaning up my computer since I got this wonderful 1TB external harddrive and have come across photos I have yet to share on Barbados and TONS on Costa Rica. As the days are grey in Montreal lately it will be nice to infuse some colour.

Lately I can’t get enough of:
Seth MacFarlane’s album “Music Is Better than Words” {I’m a sucker for big band music}
My geeking weekend with Paul
New font I just downloaded Cosmei
The photo above because it was what I would see when I look up from my computer. A sweet little note Paul wrote along with the pink shovel I saved from the Caribbean sea in Barbados. Ahh… good times.
Working in Illustrator & Photoshop. Below is a work in progress piece for one of my final projects. It is for an animation studio in Barbados {clearly my mind is on the sea right now}

What can’t you get enough of lately?

Need a fusion of more lovely things today? Check out Anna’s Much Love Monday Post too!

Until we meet again. Much ,

3 thoughts on “Much Love Monday”

  1. I love your picture!
    And really enjoy reading your Much Love post. Hoping you’re going to finish the project soon! I’m still busy with my brother’s post-wedding thing. Have a great day, Crystal! Hugs!

  2. oh that font is fun! I like that. I can’t get enough of Christmas plans: decor, wrapping gifts, baking, prepping some plants to give away, planning what I’m going to pack for our trip to Roatan (!!!!), planning the work Christmas party. I love this time of year!

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