Much Love Monday

This morning I’m LOVING:

This amazing thrifted mug I found with coaster, it really is the perfect way to start the day off on the right foot.
That my cousin moves into her new condo today! She is now 20 minutes away which means ladies nights & dinner parties.
I found out that I might be able to take a full course load next semester, which means I will be done school sooner. And can apply to interest relief on my current student loan from Business school.
That we have running water, since we didn’t have it for 2 days last week. It’s crazy how much you rely on running water to live your life.
That Paul & I ordered new business cards and a bunch of promo stuff for himself from Moo. I can’t wait to get my hands on these goodies.

How are you starting your week off right?

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Until we meet again. Much ,

7 thoughts on “Much Love Monday”

  1. Running water is a blessing beyond words. We hosted a family reunion at our house once. Right before the guests arrived the water was shut off. 50 guest and no running water!!! It was turned on within the hour, after the last person left.
    I was actually looking for a different blog when I came across yours and liked it so I’m now following!

  2. I had yesterday off work which kicks of my 4 day weeks leading up to Christmas as I had too much holiday left at work lol. (I’m one of those people who uses it sparingly throughout the year and now I’m glad I did lol)

    I caught up on a bunch of TV – like 2 episodes of Glee, 2 Episodes of House and an episode of Bones that my Mum had recorded for me.

    Today I have my first parent’s evening with our “foster son” which is scary and exciting!

  3. i think i started it off right. i’ve been spending a lot of time with mom lately and that’s been great. i got this really cool serving bowl that’s in the shape and colors of a birthday cake (at the thrift store). i hadn’t put it away right away so every time i went in the kitchen i got excited cause i thought “oh, who brought over birthday cake?” ha ha. i’ll post it on my Thrift House sometime!

  4. cutest thrifted mug EVER!!! my favorite mugs in the cupboard are a fish mug from a thrift store and a mug I painted in grade 4 with paw prints! The kitschy, older, much loved ones are always the best to drink from.

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