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We are there! The sweet sweet day of Friday where you can let your mind wonder on what your weekend will hold for you. Mine holds lots of work, yoga and a Skype date with my cousin (Can’t wait!).

♥ Great Little Guide to Inspiration

♥ Interesting case study on Freelance Photography: Digital vs. Film

♥ Watched the first 10 episodes of New Girl this week and I just feel sweeter ;)

♥ After the death of NDP leader Jack Layton I think many young people felt a little ‘fearful’ of the direction Canada is going with no strong opposition.  This week Justin Trudeau made profound statements which of course people are blowing out of proportion but you can form your own option after watching this video.  I am just a fan of honesty and there is a transparency with Mr. Trudeau that gives me a bit of peace of mind for our great countries future.

♥ Don’t fit the conventional box?  Me neither, along with a slew of others I know but Marie Forleo is passionate about getting people like us to reach our highest dreams!

♥ This week on the blog I shared a delicious no bake energy bites recipe, introduced you to my February sponsors and shared some love on Monday.

Did you find anything interesting this week online?

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I hope you have a brilliant weekend!

4 thoughts on “Link-O-Rama”

  1. I love Zoey Deschanel! Great show!
    And thank you so much for introducing me to Marie Forleo. I can’t stop reading her site.

  2. you may not find this interesting but i found out that i missed 3 episodes of vampire diaries. call me a 13 year old girl, but i love that show, and i was so thrilled when i discovered that. i started downloading right away! i got all comfy and watched all three. it’s like heaven getting to watch so many in a row.

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