Much Love Monday

Today I’m loving:

  • The fact that I have a second interview for a job tomorrow afternoon!
  • The beautiful origami heart garland and video from PolkaDot Lighthouse.
  • Article by Lonely Plante 24 hours in Cape Town
  • Seeing underdog Jeremy Lin bring the Knicks victorious wins and creating career high’s for himself right off the bench gives me goosebumps.  I am a bit of a closet basketball fen.
  • Dave Grohl’s Grammy Speech.
  • Dreaming of Budapest through Chelsea’s photos & writing on Aesthetic Of Lostness (I am Hungarian & dream of visiting Hungary one day!)
  • Lastly that I will be doing a yoga trade with Breathe Studio on Friday nights. Three hours of my time for a week of free yoga and/or kickboxing.  I am going to be ripped in no time!

What are you loving this Monday morning?

Need a litte more inspiration to kick start your week?

Check out Anna’s Much Love Monday Post.

Until we meet again,

7 thoughts on “Much Love Monday”

  1. loving the illustration, so cute! congrats on the second job interview …. sending you some positive vibes for that! and lots of lovely things you’re loving … life is grand indeed :)

    thanks for your visit. you have such a lovely blog here so I’m now following you!

  2. that’s quite a number of “loves” to jump start your week … i love the origami heart garland too!

    much love to you this week :)

  3. Hi Crystal,

    I hope your second interview went well!!
    I totally love the origami hearts, I’m going to make them upcoming weekend with my daughter. She’s always drawing hearts everywhere so I think she is going to love this too!! I’ll post a picture :-)

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