Much Love Monday

{Little Sketch of myself for Miss Pickle’s Art Call}

Today I am loving:

The ‘pain’ my body feels from the intense hot yoga class I took yesterday.  I think I will have to go again tonight to loosen up.

Searching for just the right vacation for myself, mom and sister for my birthday.  Right now it is looking like Cozumel, Mexico | Montego Bay, Jamaica or Cartagena, Colombia (this is my first pick as I have always dreamed of visiting all the South American countries)

All the kind comments I found on my blog this morning.

Need some more love this morning? Anna has a beautiful list of sites sharing some love.

What are you loving today?

Until Next Time. Much Love,

7 thoughts on “Much Love Monday”

  1. Hi Crystal, I would definitely go to Cartagena! That’s on my list too. From what I’ve heard, a very cute and Spanish-looking city! x love Joia

  2. oh i always love coming to my site to see heaps of comments, that always makes me really happy. OH and our trip!!! EEEEHHH!!! so excited!

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