Shout Out for Jodeb

You may ask who is Jodeb?  Well he is one of Paul’s friend and one damn good director and an amazing VFX artist.

Now when the news hit Paul that Jo would be be directing a Cypress Hill music video, clearly he wanted to go and meet one of his favourite bands, but business is business. One thing I have to say is that Jo is such a genuine guy through and through. Even though he has jumped up that latter with his talent and crazy imagination he has not let it get to his head.  Living in Montreal you see clearly and quickly who let is genuine and real, but I digress.

This video just came out today so sit down and be prepared to be blown away! It does have mature content so be warned!

Here is the behind the scenes of the music video which is always one of my favourite parts.  You’ll even see Jo in there!

Focus on your craft, give all that is within you to your passion and good things will come your way sooner or later.

Congrats Jo on another amazing and out of this world video!

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