Currently residing in Montreal with my talented boyfriend Paul and our three cats Pixel, Princess & Caramel.
Striving to be a super nerd in HTML & CSS along with being a polished designer is what is bouncing around in my cranium.  My goals are always a little high but I believe I can achieve anything with the willingness to learn,  patience and a lot of coffee.    Here you will find a melting pot of different posts mostly related to the things I love like travel, snail mail, design, thirfting, good living and being kind to yourself.   I don’t know about you but I am my worst enemy and it sometimes leads me to ‘sit on my hands’ for way to long.   I strive to be honest with myself and I hope this blog will reflect that.

A few more random facts about Crystal:

♥ I am an Aries.
♥ The number 3 is my favourite.
♥ I love to travel.
♥ I am strengthening my yoga practice daily.
♥ My hair colour is 100% natural.
♥ Favourite city is Split, Croatia.
♥ I love the sea & wish to swim in it every day.
♥ I prefer to be behind the camera.

This page is a work in progress just as I am.

Much ,

♥ Photo overlay & tape strip along with the polaroid overlays on the sponsor page courtesy of Pugly Pixel.

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