This week kicked my butt and really I didn’t surf the web at all.  So here are a few things I found beautiful and interesting this week.

  • Simple, beautiful and inspiring typography video by Holstee to get your weekend off to a passionate start.  I found this video via Frugal Beautiful.  This video really makes me want to take Mary (yes my bike has a name!) out for a ride since we have been having beautiful spring weather here in Montreal.
  • I can’t get enough of Chelsea of Aesthetic of Lostness. She is living my dream. Traveling the world and freelancing while she does it. Simply brilliant!  Her Printa, Budapest post gets me every time as I am half Hungarian and wish to travel back to my grandparents homeland.

Find anything that sparked your interest this week online?

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Hope you all have a delightful weekend!
Until we meet again,


{Toy Story Series by Aled Lewis.  You can buy your prints here.}

We are there! The sweet sweet day of Friday where you can let your mind wonder on what your weekend will hold for you. Mine holds lots of work, yoga and a Skype date with my cousin (Can’t wait!).

♥ Great Little Guide to Inspiration

♥ Interesting case study on Freelance Photography: Digital vs. Film

♥ Watched the first 10 episodes of New Girl this week and I just feel sweeter ;)

♥ After the death of NDP leader Jack Layton I think many young people felt a little ‘fearful’ of the direction Canada is going with no strong opposition.  This week Justin Trudeau made profound statements which of course people are blowing out of proportion but you can form your own option after watching this video.  I am just a fan of honesty and there is a transparency with Mr. Trudeau that gives me a bit of peace of mind for our great countries future.

♥ Don’t fit the conventional box?  Me neither, along with a slew of others I know but Marie Forleo is passionate about getting people like us to reach our highest dreams!

♥ This week on the blog I shared a delicious no bake energy bites recipe, introduced you to my February sponsors and shared some love on Monday.

Did you find anything interesting this week online?

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I hope you have a brilliant weekend!


{Plush & Photo by Curious Little Bird}

Wow what a week!  Clearly I was not very active online for a few reasons:

  • I had two job interviews with another happening tomorrow. Plus a second interview next week (I think I have that job!).
  • My head was wrapped in PHP all week trying to figure out a slider issue in a WordPress theme.  I NEED HELP!!! Seriously if you are a magical PHP wizard or know someone that is please send them my way.  Compensation of course will be arranged and I will always need a PHP master in my network.
  • School… I forgot how much reading is involved and feel like I might just get myself in deep shark infested water if I don’t read 3 or 4 chapters each week.  My brain feels like it is going to explode and spew out code! (I’m taking a Photoshop and Web Mastering right now)
  • Lastly, I have joined a Meet-Up group for Geeky Girls in Montreal.   Never saw that one coming but I am very excited to be social again with like minded ladies.

♥ Watched Being Elmo which is amazing to watch someones dream unfold and the creation of something that brings so much love to children (and big kids too).

♥ If you don’t know Tavi Gevinson, she 15 years old, a fashion blogger and cute little feminist to boot! I love her video on Huffington Post about The Fight for Feminism.  It gives me peace to see someone in the Y Generation so in-tune and passionate about many areas of life.

♥ Labour practices and Apple.  Great article on Good.  I am a Mac user and love them to my technical core but like all companies I love I want them to be ethically responsable.  People are people no matter where they are on the plante.  A good rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t want your loved one in that work environment it is most likely not ethical.

♥ Have a creative spark or just want to doodle?  You will want to check out Miss Pickles self portrait art call.  It is on my ‘to doodle’ weekend list.

♥ New Etsy shop love of local plush maker Curious Little Bird.  If your a sucker like me for cute monsters you might want to check out her blog as well.

How do you want to feel? The inaugural post for The Burning Questions Series by Danielle LaPorte.  If you have yet to check out Danielle’s site, let me just say it has been a great tool for me to be kind to myself and to help me focus on what I really want out of life.

Did you come across something interesting this week?

Do share in the comments below!

I am off to consume some more caffeine.  I hope you have a brilliant weekend.

Until we meet again,

P.S. Link-O-Rama font is Churli Cute


I don’t know about you but I take in a lot of information throughout the course of the week. And with my curious mind wanting to know random facts or how things work I end up on some interesting, weird and sometimes far out sites. Link-O-Rama is a series I am going to try to keep up every Friday to document my freaky findings of a week on the web. Maybe you will find something that interests you or something will spark your creativity. Either way I think it will be a great time.

♥ Love Canadian photographer Lissy Laricchia’s set of Weather Channel photos on flickr. (photo above) They make me want to travel.

♥ Beautiful new to me Etsy shop called The Black Feather.  Which is filled with beautiful semiprecious stone delights. She also has a Sweet as a Peach Blog!

♥ Mail Art lovers test your skills with Isavirtue’s Valentine’s Mail Art Content.

♥ Allison of Show & Tell is doing a fun #PhonePhoto Contest through February.

♥ Amy of A is for Ampersand is starting a SELF-LOVE REVOLUTION.  I know I am on the bandwagon.


Find anything interesting on the net this week?

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Have a brilliant, relaxing and someone productive weekend!