Outgoing Mail & A Swap

It has been sometime since I have posted about snail mail or wrote anything on here for that matter and that is all due to big changes in my life! I quite my job December 2013 and spent mot of 2014 traveling through Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Turkey, Prague, Germany, Belgium and Austria. After travel I moved out of Montreal where I had been living for 8 years and back to Winnipeg (where my family is). I needed to disconnect from the life I was living to create the new life and journey I wanted to be on. Blogging has always been a great outlet for me (I will be working on the visual of my site in the weeks to come), along with pen pals and simple kind mail exchanges.

So without further a due here are some fun pieces of mail I sent out in the last week or so. I have also started a Instagram account just for my mail obsession @hearts_via_airmail and there is also my personal one where you can see many photos of my travels @thehouseofheart


I found Syakira aka Potato Panic through SendSomething! Does anyone else use this to send surprise mail to lovely people around the world?

Send Something

My envelope going out to Caddi for The Postal Society’s Stamps and Airmail Labels Swap

Package going out for stamp swap

Package going out to Kemper for the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt 2015!

Stamps used to Send package

Package for the Secret PenPal Scavenger Hunt 2015

P.S. I am holding a Stamps & Airmail Label Swap on Swap-Bot! It is open internationally and I would love if you would join me!

Postage Stamp Swap Photo of stamp swap I received from Beata in Poland.

Long Overdue Mail Call

Just a few pieces I sent out yesterday.

I wish I could just spend the day writing letters and creating pretty things that will bring smiles to those receiving them.  I guess that is what the weekends are for!  Hope your having a delightful week so far.

Until we meet again,

Recipe Swap

Now it has been sometime since I have last posted about my Recipe Swap I started last summer but that doesn’t mean it has not been active.  I have just not been active on posting the incoming AMAZING recipes. I have sent out 10 recipes so far and below you will set your eyes on my beautiful replies.

If you signed up for the swap and didn’t receive your recipe please let me know!  The postal strike in Canada last year caused a delay on mail and some went missing sadly.  I would be HAPPY to send you another.

Filled Strawberries Recipe from Graci of Life with Chandlerguera.

Two complementary dishes from Pamela of Cappuccino & Art Journal. This is going to be my next cooking adventure because couscous and chick peas are favourites in this house!

Yummy Spanish Omelette recipe from Carla & Olga of PolkaDot Lighthouse. They blog in Spanish too!

I got spoiled and Carla & Olga sent me some sweet treat magnetic bookmarks! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Apple Pie Plate from Joia over at Bliss Your Day in Curacao. Island Fever!

Now if you didn’t read the Fill my Recipe Box post let me fill you in on what is going on here.  I need some help filling in my vintage recipe box and I thought what a better way to fill it then from bloggers, mail lovers and cooking enthusiast.  I don’t know about you but I like to feel that personal connection to the people I chat with online and I know how much joy a pretty piece of mail can bring me so why not share that joy!  And that is how my love for snail mail & food hatched Recipe Swap.  Which is an on going project till my recipe box is all filled up!

How does it work?

SUBJECT: Recipe Swap
MESSAGE: Your mailing address. (I will not share your mailing address with anyone) and any allergies or if you are vegetarian or vegan.

  • I will handwrite or type with my typewriter one of my favourite recipes and mail it to you along with a blank recipe card for you to send back to me with your favourite recipe.  It’s a win win!

What will be done with the recipes you may ask?

Well I will be taking photos of what I receive in the mail and sharing them on my blog as I am right now.

If I trying one of your recipes I will take photos of my attempt and always link back to you.

I am tossing around the idea of creating a zine with the recipes I recieve again all credit will be given to the recipes used but that is done the road a bit so don’t fret!


I hope to hear from you soon!  

Much Love,

I’m a winner… Thank You Cards Shop

Now I am sure you are all like me and LOVE winning things but I will not lie I have a weakness for stationary and I get OVERLY giddy with anything paper and pretty. Which is just what I got from wonderful Amy of Thank You Cards Shop. Not only are these cards just perfect for all the mail that I send out but they are great quality too. If you haven’t checked out her online shop, it is a must. Below are my winnings that I could not be happier with.

The above is my favourite because lets be honest it is wonderful to have something customized just for you!
If you don’t have the cash to splurge on new stationary right now but would like to get a better taste for Amy’s designs, she was part of Oh Hello, Friends! Yellow Week Downloads so click it to brighten your day a bit.

Until we meet again. Much ,

Off they go….

Just a few pieces of mail I have sent of recently. I don’t want to spoil what is inside them so you just get the peek of the outside like everyone else, but I can assure you there is a nice chatty letter in each piece of mail I send out. +Off to Miss Lovender in Japan.
+ Shooting off to Bianca in Australia.
+Off to the new owner of some of my postcards. You can get yours here.
Well I must get ready to get my butt in gear and get to class.

Until we meet again. Much ,

Mail Time

Now I have some very fun mail for you guys and I am not to sure how I want to go about doing this but I think I will start with this great blog I just came across called Newspaper Taxi belonging to Stefanie of Newtown, Australia and she just so happens to be having a little Air Mail Competition over on her blog for her physical shop window. Read all the details below or check on the image to go to original post.

Now for the goodies that have passed through my mailbox in the past month (my bad for not posting sooner!)

Just before I left for Winnipeg I got this beautiful drawing in the mail from Jessica over at Natures My Friend. She is one talented lady and I highly suggest you check out her beautiful shop.
The little engine that could coming from Hannah over the pond of The Scribbles of Girltaristhan.
When Julie of PenPal A Week added Stationery Grab Bags to her shop I jumped on the chance to get some more of her designs in my hands. I ♥ that she uses vintage stamps to send out her packages.
I am not to sure how I came to find Miss Pickle but it was bound to happen that we would ‘bump’ into each other online and when we did I bought a little pack of her zines. Which are packed full of cute illustrations, lists, recipes and playlists.

Well that is all for me for right now. I did receive some recipes back from Garci and Pamela for my Recipe Swap which I will share with you lovelies shortly.

Now to get my butt back into Illustrator and finish this logo design for Paul’s new website I’m working on.

Until we meet again. Much ,

Mail Call

I have waited way to long to get this post out. I feel as though I am always playing catch up with the mail because lets face it it’s summer and we all want to enjoy the warmth before it gets cold again. So here are some pieces that have crossed my desk recently, but don’t worry I will get the rest of them up here soon too!

Sushi Time going off to Molly in Australia. Off to sweet Jessica over at Natures My Friend.

Silliness is off to Pascaline in France.

I received this amazing scratch and reveal postcard from my dear friend Clare.
{ My first piece of mail from April in New Zealand! } My friend Clare and I are so much alike in the sense that we are always fascinated by the things we find on the street. She sent me this invitation because well there was no return address on it and it is pretty funny. The invitation reads like this:

It’s February 2013
You have just arrived in Prague; it’s a little chilly
You are on your way to the hotel…

You are greeted in the foyer by Declan & Jett
Shown to your suite to rest & get ready to celebrate

Declan & Jett would like you to joining them in honour
of friendship and birthday cheer
Please R.S.V.P. by return post at your earliest convenience

Ha Ha to bad there was no return address because I would love to go party in Prague.
A nice little pick me up from Jessica who just so happens to be having a giveaway right now!

If you like writing letters and want to get a pen pal. Julie over at Penpal of The Week may be able to help you check out her Participate for information.

Until we meet again. Much ,

The Mixed Share Swap

Now that I have sent out both of my mixes and received two in return from Bianca’s The Mixed Share Swap, I thought I would share some musical stylings with you.
+ Received this is from Grace in the UK.

I created little books for my CDs and filled them with favourite lines from songs, fun & random facts along with some bragging since Paul is in the music industry and has done his share of music videos. I couldn’t miss an opportunity to brag about my man!
+ Sent off to Brodie in Australia.

Until We Meet Again. Much ♥,

Mail Call Hiatus

As most of you are well aware in Canada the Postal Workers are currently locked out! A little info about the strike found on Support Postal Workers (including above image):

Since January 31 of this year postal workers have been working without a contract.
Canada Post Corporation wants to
• Pay new employees 30% less and give them reduced benefits, an inferior pension, and weaker job security
• Increase the amount of temporary employees and reduce the number of full-time employees
• Dramatically increase the amount that retirees have to pay for their extended health care plan
• Replace the sick leave plan with a complicated and inferior short-term disability plan
• Force letter carriers to adopt a new, unsafe delivery procedure involving longer routes and the carrying of double bundles

The good news for me is that the guy that moved into our old apartment just texted me to say he has some mail for me. So I was quite happy when I found this beautiful package from Bianca there when I thought it was long lost. I have been listening to the mixed CD all afternoon. Thank you so much Bianca for your sweet letter and all the goodies!

Want to receive a piece of her art? Send her an email on her blog.
Ms. Lavender’s blog is just as cheery as her letters!

I rushed a little to get some letters out to before the strike took full swing and didn’t get pictures but Jessica, you have something pretty coming your way so no sneak peek for you!St. Joseph’s Oratory is one of my favourite places in Montreal and it is the 3rd largest dome of it’s kind in the world.
Off to my new friend Morenica in Spain. You must check out her photos they are stunning!
To my dear friend Clare, who writes me 14 pages letters every week! Oh how I miss having her in the same city or even country as I.
I found a great ‘getting your plants off drugs’ book for my sister since she has such a pretty garden I thought she would love it!
Well that’s it for me for now, the humidity in the city is slowly sucking the energy out of me. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I’ll be taking photos for the finishing touches of my new post.

Much Love,

P.S. Bianca is doing another Mixed CD Swap! Signup ends June 25th!

Incoming Mail with Barbados Bonus

Every day is a great day for mail!  Here are some beautiful letters and goodies I have found in my mail box lately.

My sweet pen pal Martina created the perfect package for my birthday.  She even bound the book! I feel so loved.

Lovely Paris themed letter from Pascaline of Celessa Bazaar.

Jessica over at Nature’s My Friend

I was sent this out n’ about trout as an art project by Jessica of Nature’s My Friend.  She has sent 23 outgoing trout to different homes around the world.  Come follow along and see where these fishes find their new homes!

‘The idea is for participants to use the trout as a tool to inject something natural back into a man-made and urbanized space, so that the power of nature and animals can again be a part of the lives of those roaming within the urban landscape. As I mentioned above, the trout are wallpaper decals, so they are already coated with a glue that just needs to be moistened with a damp sponge. After that they can be applied to any smooth surface. ‘ {source}

I just have to find the perfect home for my little guy!

Fun Facts:
+ Unlike the other Caribbean islands, British stamps were never used for domestic postage in Barbados. The first issue of “Barbados” stamps was placed on sale on April 15th, 1852.
+ Barbados joined the Postal Union in 1881, making it one of the organizations longest serving members.
+ In November 30th 1966 when Barbados gained its independence from the UK it was now responsible for its own postal affairs.
+ There are 18 postal counters located across the island.  Which may not seem like a lot but you can buy stamps pretty much everywhere and drop there are quite a few post boxes around.
{ source }

Our whole trip I was trying to get my hands on some used Barbados (Bajan) postal stamps for art projects but had no luck until we got to the airport! In one of the gift shops they had bundles of vintage stamp packs.  Paul bought me 2 envelopes full of Bajan and West Indies stamps. He is so sweet and they are so beautiful!

Much Love,


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