Much Love Monday & Google Friend Connect Retires

{~ beautiful card created by objet ~}

You know when you feel so loved by someone you see only a handful of times in your lifetime?  Well that is what I felt when I got this beautiful card in the mail from my dear friend Jodie Layne.

Today I am loving:

♥ That Google Street View is to start mapping out the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in September.  The efforts are to set benchmarks that will help study the effect of climate and environmental changes on this massive eco-system. This is amazing and I can’t wait to start to see some of the images. I highly suggest you check out this article and video on the subject.

♥ The little kitty that is sleeping on my lap and prrring away. Sweet little thing! I wish my camera was within arms reach.

♥ All the snow we got over the weekend. It looks beautiful outside and finally feels like winter after having spring for most of the winter. Not looking forward to having to dig out the car though.

On another note:

This morning I am ‘frantically’ trying to get everything in line for Google Friend Connect to retire from all NON-Blogger sites as of March 1st!

I knew this day was coming and didn’t want to believe it as for the past 3 years of blogging I have made some great friends and readers through Google Friend Connect and with it retiring there is potential for a dramatic decrease my readership.  BOO!!!  But that is how the internet works right? If something is not working as planned it is scrapped and replaced with something better. Although I am not convinced that Google+ is a better replacement but that is for another post.

So this is what I propose if you are following through GFC. Follow along with the below links instead!

RSS (which you can add to your Google Reader)



Well that is all from me for now. Thank you so much in advance for helping me make switch from relying on Google Friend Connect! I even had a SUPER AWESOME giveaway lined up for when I hit 200 Readers. Don’t worry the giveaway will happen either way!

What are you loving this Monday?

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Until we meet again!

Much Love Monday

{Little Sketch of myself for Miss Pickle’s Art Call}

Today I am loving:

The ‘pain’ my body feels from the intense hot yoga class I took yesterday.  I think I will have to go again tonight to loosen up.

Searching for just the right vacation for myself, mom and sister for my birthday.  Right now it is looking like Cozumel, Mexico | Montego Bay, Jamaica or Cartagena, Colombia (this is my first pick as I have always dreamed of visiting all the South American countries)

All the kind comments I found on my blog this morning.

Need some more love this morning? Anna has a beautiful list of sites sharing some love.

What are you loving today?

Until Next Time. Much Love,

Much Love Monday

Today I’m loving:

  • The fact that I have a second interview for a job tomorrow afternoon!
  • The beautiful origami heart garland and video from PolkaDot Lighthouse.
  • Article by Lonely Plante 24 hours in Cape Town
  • Seeing underdog Jeremy Lin bring the Knicks victorious wins and creating career high’s for himself right off the bench gives me goosebumps.  I am a bit of a closet basketball fen.
  • Dave Grohl’s Grammy Speech.
  • Dreaming of Budapest through Chelsea’s photos & writing on Aesthetic Of Lostness (I am Hungarian & dream of visiting Hungary one day!)
  • Lastly that I will be doing a yoga trade with Breathe Studio on Friday nights. Three hours of my time for a week of free yoga and/or kickboxing.  I am going to be ripped in no time!

What are you loving this Monday morning?

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Until we meet again,

Much Love Monday

{Photo taken with iPhone & Instagram}

This morning I must say I am loving the fact that I have some HTML & CSS skills. BECAUSE over the weekend while I was trying to fix a few bugs with my WordPress I deleted my whole hand coded site instead. Now you must say to yourself what kind of person does work on their site without backing it up? Well I did have a backup just older than a lot of the major tweaks I made which to say the least made the site look nothing like I had already launched. So a grabbed a theme and made it work for me, just due to lack of time and the fact that I am starting my Web Mastering class this week where I will come up with something even better… so hold onto your britches.

I want to throw some knowledge your way if you find yourself cringe at the thought of lossing your blog.


Katrina over at Pugly Pixel has done some great tutorials on backing up your blogger blog and than how to restore your backups if anything was to happen.

While you are there you should snoop around at her wonderful web graphics and other very helpful tutorials.


Learn from my mistakes I can save you a lot of heartache!


Well I need to get my butt to work. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
I will be back in full force bloggin’ mood by tonight. I have a nice list of posts I have been working on behind the senses.

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Much Love,

Much Love Monday

I have been one busy girl over here which is nice since this busy finally includes some getting out of the house and doing something other than work!

Right now I’m loving my new thrifty finds, the website I hand coded for my final project for web design (This will be launched live for all to see in the new year, but if you are following me on twitter you already got a sneak peek of the design!), the thought of a vacation in the sun over the winter & of course the bike ride I took on December 3, 2011.

This bike ride is kind of unbelievable for a few reasons. I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and NEVER in my life has there been no snow in December let alone be +7 C (45 F) And they say Global Warming isn’t happening but I am seeing it in my life time so maybe they are lying to us? None the least I will take all the nice weather I can get as winters usually feel a little to long anyway.

What are you loving this Monday?

+Photos taking with my iPhone on the Lachine Canal in Montreal & edited in Pixlr-O-Matic.
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Until we meet again. Much ,

Much Love Monday

This morning I’m LOVING:

This amazing thrifted mug I found with coaster, it really is the perfect way to start the day off on the right foot.
That my cousin moves into her new condo today! She is now 20 minutes away which means ladies nights & dinner parties.
I found out that I might be able to take a full course load next semester, which means I will be done school sooner. And can apply to interest relief on my current student loan from Business school.
That we have running water, since we didn’t have it for 2 days last week. It’s crazy how much you rely on running water to live your life.
That Paul & I ordered new business cards and a bunch of promo stuff for himself from Moo. I can’t wait to get my hands on these goodies.

How are you starting your week off right?

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Until we meet again. Much ,

Much Love Monday

This morning I went to check my email to find that I could not access it nor was my blog showing up which kind of sent a sense of panic in me. But I knew just what happened my domain was not renewed by the company that manages my hosting and domains. I am always way to understanding but the anger inside of me this morning was making my body shake.

That is water under the bridge now and the day must go on. I have been cleaning up my computer since I got this wonderful 1TB external harddrive and have come across photos I have yet to share on Barbados and TONS on Costa Rica. As the days are grey in Montreal lately it will be nice to infuse some colour.

Lately I can’t get enough of:
Seth MacFarlane’s album “Music Is Better than Words” {I’m a sucker for big band music}
My geeking weekend with Paul
New font I just downloaded Cosmei
The photo above because it was what I would see when I look up from my computer. A sweet little note Paul wrote along with the pink shovel I saved from the Caribbean sea in Barbados. Ahh… good times.
Working in Illustrator & Photoshop. Below is a work in progress piece for one of my final projects. It is for an animation studio in Barbados {clearly my mind is on the sea right now}

What can’t you get enough of lately?

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Until we meet again. Much ,

Much Love Monday

{sweet heart thrifted stickers}

What I’ve been loving lately:
♥ My state of mind. ♥ My time with Paul. ♥ What I’m learning in school. Dreamweaver, CSS & Illustrator. ♥ Working with Jacques. ♥ The Kooks New Album Junk of the Heart ♥ Having company over. ♥ The change of the colours and seasons.

What are you loving lately?

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Until we meet again. Much ,

September Wrap Up – October Wishlist

Above photo taken of the end result of making soya milk. Yup that is a yummy 100% hand crafted soya latte by yours truly for my love Paul. I of course made one for myself as well! I’m working on a on photo tutorial so you can make your own yummy soya milk at home too. It is quite simple really!

Things that happened this Month
♥ I started school & got my first 100% on a project in graphic design. ♥ Created #30Lists, which I have yet to put on the old blog-a-roo. ♥ Got sick. Two weeks later and I still have the cough. ♥ Wrote some letters. ♥ Paid off one of my old school loans. ♥ Made a lot of soya milk.

October Wishlist
♥ Go apple picking with Paul. ♥ Get 80%+ on my mid-terms. ♥ Re-design Paul’s website. ♥ Organize all my digial clip art. ♥ Buy external hard drive. ♥ Do the sun and moon salutations every day.

What are your plans for the month of October?

Until we meet again. Much ,

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♥ Photo frame by Pugly Pixel

Much Love Monday

Outings with Paul + Mornings spent around the kitchen table = GREAT weekend!

Right now I am lovin’
♥A teaspoon of sweetened condensed milk in my coffee. Yummy! Tastes like dulce de leche. ♥ Wondering around the library with Paul. ♥Writing letters in the morning. ♥Miss.Pickle’s killer set of zine’s I received in the mail. ♥Biking around in the cooler weather. ♥Not spending so much time on the computer (hence why I am backed up with blogging). ♥Dreaming of Barbados.

And lastly I am ♥in’ the cooler weather that has come our way and forces me to dress in layers. Simply my favourite time of year. Now we sit in wait until the colours change to beautiful rich golden colours.

What are you lovin’ today? Need a little more love encouragement? Check out Anna’s Much Love Posts!

Until we meet again. Much ,