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I don’t know about you but I am fascinate with the mail system in all parts of the world along with sending pretty letters and packages. I have been asked many times for links, websites, and blogs for mail artists or places to get new penpals. Now I am just simply one girl who loves mail in this big blogosphere but I want to share my love for snail mail with anyone who is interested as the written word is dying and I think it is so sad!

If you would like to have a peek at some of my snail mail: outgoing mail, incoming mail, and my Pinterest inspiration board.

Projects | Networks

Letter Writers Alliance →

SwapBot →

Post Crossing →

The Postal Society →

Mail Art 365 →


Send Something →

The Happy Mail Project →

Post A Letter Social Activity Club →

Pen Pal Of The Week →

Letter Writing & Pen Pals

Anonymous Postcard

Can You Send Me A Postcard?

Orphaned Postcard Project by Post Muse

Sandbook – Penpals & Swappers Site

Going Postal

Project Pen Pal

ReForm School Pen Pal Club

The Letter Exchange

We Love Snail Mail

Great Snail Mail Related Blogs

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