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You know that moment when you realize you are surrounded by great people online? Well today is one of those moments when I feel huge support from great ladies around the world. Blogging has brought so much joy to my life along with giving me an outlet to allow myself to grow in creative endeavors while meeting a slew of people. If you are new to blogging the biggest thing I can say is STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF because there is only one of you!

With that said I am happy to properly introduce you to ladies I believe stay true to themselves and well looky there they also just so happen to be my February Sponsors!  All contact links are below the photos so make sure to click around!

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Well that is all for me for now. Make sure to leave some kind words for my sponsors on their blogs or better yet follow them!
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No Bake Energy Ball Recipe


This recipe is oh so yummy and simple to boot. Plus I am a sucker for anything coconut!  It is great for anyone who has a busy schedule and needs that fuel to keep them going or someone with kids (I am guessing since I am a big kid and loved them ;)  I came across it on Smashed Peas and Carrots and do not take credit for this recipe but the photo above is mine.

1 cup oatmeal
1/2 cup peanut butter (or other nut butter)
1/3 cup honey
1 cup coconut flakes
1/2 cup ground flaxseed
1/2 cup mini chocolate chips
1 tsp vanilla

Mix all of the above ingredients in a medium cute vintage bowl until thoroughly incorporated.  Place bowl full of yummy mixture in the refrigerator for half an hour.  Once it is all  chilled out, roll into balls (makes 18-20) and it’s time to eat!

Store these sweet & healthily treats in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to a week (but I am sure they will not last that long!).

I hope you enjoy these bad boys as much as I do.  Let me know what your think or even better let the creator Maggie know what you think.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

P.S. I have been thinking about creating pretty printable PDF’s for recipes I share but am unsure if this would be beneficial.  I’d love your feedback on this.

Much Love Monday

Today I’m loving:

  • The fact that I have a second interview for a job tomorrow afternoon!
  • The beautiful origami heart garland and video from PolkaDot Lighthouse.
  • Article by Lonely Plante 24 hours in Cape Town
  • Seeing underdog Jeremy Lin bring the Knicks victorious wins and creating career high’s for himself right off the bench gives me goosebumps.  I am a bit of a closet basketball fen.
  • Dave Grohl’s Grammy Speech.
  • Dreaming of Budapest through Chelsea’s photos & writing on Aesthetic Of Lostness (I am Hungarian & dream of visiting Hungary one day!)
  • Lastly that I will be doing a yoga trade with Breathe Studio on Friday nights. Three hours of my time for a week of free yoga and/or kickboxing.  I am going to be ripped in no time!

What are you loving this Monday morning?

Need a litte more inspiration to kick start your week?

Check out Anna’s Much Love Monday Post.

Until we meet again,


{Plush & Photo by Curious Little Bird}

Wow what a week!  Clearly I was not very active online for a few reasons:

  • I had two job interviews with another happening tomorrow. Plus a second interview next week (I think I have that job!).
  • My head was wrapped in PHP all week trying to figure out a slider issue in a WordPress theme.  I NEED HELP!!! Seriously if you are a magical PHP wizard or know someone that is please send them my way.  Compensation of course will be arranged and I will always need a PHP master in my network.
  • School… I forgot how much reading is involved and feel like I might just get myself in deep shark infested water if I don’t read 3 or 4 chapters each week.  My brain feels like it is going to explode and spew out code! (I’m taking a Photoshop and Web Mastering right now)
  • Lastly, I have joined a Meet-Up group for Geeky Girls in Montreal.   Never saw that one coming but I am very excited to be social again with like minded ladies.

♥ Watched Being Elmo which is amazing to watch someones dream unfold and the creation of something that brings so much love to children (and big kids too).

♥ If you don’t know Tavi Gevinson, she 15 years old, a fashion blogger and cute little feminist to boot! I love her video on Huffington Post about The Fight for Feminism.  It gives me peace to see someone in the Y Generation so in-tune and passionate about many areas of life.

♥ Labour practices and Apple.  Great article on Good.  I am a Mac user and love them to my technical core but like all companies I love I want them to be ethically responsable.  People are people no matter where they are on the plante.  A good rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t want your loved one in that work environment it is most likely not ethical.

♥ Have a creative spark or just want to doodle?  You will want to check out Miss Pickles self portrait art call.  It is on my ‘to doodle’ weekend list.

♥ New Etsy shop love of local plush maker Curious Little Bird.  If your a sucker like me for cute monsters you might want to check out her blog as well.

How do you want to feel? The inaugural post for The Burning Questions Series by Danielle LaPorte.  If you have yet to check out Danielle’s site, let me just say it has been a great tool for me to be kind to myself and to help me focus on what I really want out of life.

Did you come across something interesting this week?

Do share in the comments below!

I am off to consume some more caffeine.  I hope you have a brilliant weekend.

Until we meet again,

P.S. Link-O-Rama font is Churli Cute

Not So Green Smoothie

Staying in the theme of sharing recipes I thought I would share a tried and true favourite of mine.  The not so green smoothie.  I came across the whole smoothie craze on my journey to a be kind to the inner workings of my body.  There is a whole slew of information about the yummy smoothie over here for your reading pleasure.

I personally enjoy one of these per day as it makes me feel good to start the day off right because it really is a reflection of the quality of day you are about to embark on.

Now you would think with all that spinach in there you would taste it right? But you are wrong, the banana kills any flavour of spinach but you don’t loss the benefits of them. Brilliant!

Step 1:

Break the banana into quarters and throw into blender. Blend until creamy.

Step 2:

Slowly add spinach making sure it gets fully chopped up. You may want to add 1/2 a cup of water at this point.

Step 3:

Add in the frozen berries. Make sure your mixture is well blended.

Step 4:

Enjoy it all to yourself or share with a loved one.

If you are not the berry type you can use any sort of fruit.  My favourite combo is fresh pineapple with a few tablespoons of coconut milk.  Anything tropical and I am all over it!


Do you have a favourite smoothie recipe? Share it in the comments!


Until Next Time.


I don’t know about you but I take in a lot of information throughout the course of the week. And with my curious mind wanting to know random facts or how things work I end up on some interesting, weird and sometimes far out sites. Link-O-Rama is a series I am going to try to keep up every Friday to document my freaky findings of a week on the web. Maybe you will find something that interests you or something will spark your creativity. Either way I think it will be a great time.

♥ Love Canadian photographer Lissy Laricchia’s set of Weather Channel photos on flickr. (photo above) They make me want to travel.

♥ Beautiful new to me Etsy shop called The Black Feather.  Which is filled with beautiful semiprecious stone delights. She also has a Sweet as a Peach Blog!

♥ Mail Art lovers test your skills with Isavirtue’s Valentine’s Mail Art Content.

♥ Allison of Show & Tell is doing a fun #PhonePhoto Contest through February.

♥ Amy of A is for Ampersand is starting a SELF-LOVE REVOLUTION.  I know I am on the bandwagon.


Find anything interesting on the net this week?

Share the love in the comments with a link!

Have a brilliant, relaxing and someone productive weekend!



Recipe Swap

Now it has been sometime since I have last posted about my Recipe Swap I started last summer but that doesn’t mean it has not been active.  I have just not been active on posting the incoming AMAZING recipes. I have sent out 10 recipes so far and below you will set your eyes on my beautiful replies.

If you signed up for the swap and didn’t receive your recipe please let me know!  The postal strike in Canada last year caused a delay on mail and some went missing sadly.  I would be HAPPY to send you another.

Filled Strawberries Recipe from Graci of Life with Chandlerguera.

Two complementary dishes from Pamela of Cappuccino & Art Journal. This is going to be my next cooking adventure because couscous and chick peas are favourites in this house!

Yummy Spanish Omelette recipe from Carla & Olga of PolkaDot Lighthouse. They blog in Spanish too!

I got spoiled and Carla & Olga sent me some sweet treat magnetic bookmarks! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Apple Pie Plate from Joia over at Bliss Your Day in Curacao. Island Fever!

Now if you didn’t read the Fill my Recipe Box post let me fill you in on what is going on here.  I need some help filling in my vintage recipe box and I thought what a better way to fill it then from bloggers, mail lovers and cooking enthusiast.  I don’t know about you but I like to feel that personal connection to the people I chat with online and I know how much joy a pretty piece of mail can bring me so why not share that joy!  And that is how my love for snail mail & food hatched Recipe Swap.  Which is an on going project till my recipe box is all filled up!

How does it work?

SUBJECT: Recipe Swap
MESSAGE: Your mailing address. (I will not share your mailing address with anyone) and any allergies or if you are vegetarian or vegan.

  • I will handwrite or type with my typewriter one of my favourite recipes and mail it to you along with a blank recipe card for you to send back to me with your favourite recipe.  It’s a win win!

What will be done with the recipes you may ask?

Well I will be taking photos of what I receive in the mail and sharing them on my blog as I am right now.

If I trying one of your recipes I will take photos of my attempt and always link back to you.

I am tossing around the idea of creating a zine with the recipes I recieve again all credit will be given to the recipes used but that is done the road a bit so don’t fret!


I hope to hear from you soon!  

Much Love,

February Wishes


+ Finish up 30 Days of Blogging from last February. Yeah that’s right it will take me a year but at least I will finish. ha ha
+ Share a recipe I have made every Sunday.
+ Make the final tweaks on my blog. Do you have any suggests to add to that tweak list?
+ Host a Giveaway on my blog since my Blogiversary was January 19. Hurray for 3 years of great blogging! This might have to wait till March though :(


+ Have a proper date with Paul
+ Have 2 solid pamper me nights. I’m taking bubble baths, wine and nail painting!
+ Stay on top of all my school work even though it will challenge my little brain.
+ Have a Skype date with my dad. He lives in the Philippines in the winter.

What do you wish to do this February?

Hope you are having a wonderful first day of the month!
Until we meet again.

Around The World: Traveling Art Journal


I was lucky enough to be participate in the Traveling Journal: Around the World that Jessica Mack of Brown Paper Bunny was hosting.   Now you may not know this but the ladies that are part of this project I am sure well aware that I had the book for 6 months which I am really embarrassed about.

When the book got into my hands I was completely stunned with all the creativity and talent I was holding and it brought my own creativity to a screaming hult.   This may sound strange but let me explain.

I compared myself to all the entries before me which brought on HUGE self-doubt that I could even come close to the bar that was set.   This brought me to push the book further down my creative ‘to do’ list to the point where I just wanted to send it to the next person. But giving up is not the answer and where is the growth in that?

Where do I get off comparing myself to others who have worked hard & gone to school to cultivate their creative lives?

I am just exploring my creative side and I can not expect myself to be as good as someone who has been working their craft as a professional for sometime.  That is just foolish, but comparing yourself to others can be can’t it?  We are all unique, have made different chooses to get ourselves to the place we are today.

Comparing yourself will only bombard you with feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt and keep you derailed from your goals.

With all of that being said, I want to say SORRY & THANK YOU to Jessica Mack and all the ladies who are part of this project for being patient with me as I slowly worked through my own lack of self-approval.  Now that I have that off my chest here are the entries that have come before me, below the photo you will find links to the creators!   ENJOY.





Is there something that you are letting yourself be held back on?

Know that you are not alone!  We all have struggles and being honest with yourself along with some self-love you can jump over any hurdle that is before you.

If I can help you in anyway you just let me know!

Until we meet again. Much Love,

P.S. Need a little more love this morning? Check out Much Love Anna.