Much Love Monday & Google Friend Connect Retires

{~ beautiful card created by objet ~}

You know when you feel so loved by someone you see only a handful of times in your lifetime?  Well that is what I felt when I got this beautiful card in the mail from my dear friend Jodie Layne.

Today I am loving:

♥ That Google Street View is to start mapping out the Great Barrier Reef in Australia in September.  The efforts are to set benchmarks that will help study the effect of climate and environmental changes on this massive eco-system. This is amazing and I can’t wait to start to see some of the images. I highly suggest you check out this article and video on the subject.

♥ The little kitty that is sleeping on my lap and prrring away. Sweet little thing! I wish my camera was within arms reach.

♥ All the snow we got over the weekend. It looks beautiful outside and finally feels like winter after having spring for most of the winter. Not looking forward to having to dig out the car though.

On another note:

This morning I am ‘frantically’ trying to get everything in line for Google Friend Connect to retire from all NON-Blogger sites as of March 1st!

I knew this day was coming and didn’t want to believe it as for the past 3 years of blogging I have made some great friends and readers through Google Friend Connect and with it retiring there is potential for a dramatic decrease my readership.  BOO!!!  But that is how the internet works right? If something is not working as planned it is scrapped and replaced with something better. Although I am not convinced that Google+ is a better replacement but that is for another post.

So this is what I propose if you are following through GFC. Follow along with the below links instead!

RSS (which you can add to your Google Reader)



Well that is all from me for now. Thank you so much in advance for helping me make switch from relying on Google Friend Connect! I even had a SUPER AWESOME giveaway lined up for when I hit 200 Readers. Don’t worry the giveaway will happen either way!

What are you loving this Monday?

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Until we meet again!