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  1. Hi Crystal,

    My name is Cherry, and I blog at Cherry Neko Saves the World.

    I’m sorry to bug you, but I’m trying to start a new project, I’m trying to put together a sort of blog directory. It’s called The Little Blog of Blogs ( I would just like to ask you if you’d want to join me in helping to make a site dedicated to blogs. The aim is to make a blog that has lists of blogs in categories, so people who are interested in a certain type of blog can find a blog to read that suits there general interests.

    At the moment I only have a few blogs up on the site, and if you’d really like to help out and add your blog it couldn’t be simpler and won’t take long at all. Please just reply to this email, and let me know the name of your blog, the address it can be found at and a tiny description of what your blog is about. It doesn’t need to be a paragraph or anything just one little sentence will be enough. Then let me know which category you think your blog would fit under e.g. photography, horror, day to day life, crafting. What ever you want, I can always make more categories. I’m even willing to start a category for those who aren’t interested in being typecast into a certain mould. Even if its more than one category, please just let me know.

    I really hope you can help out by joining, or spreading the word.

    If not, I understand, no hard feelings.

    Thank you for taking time to read this, I really appreciate it and feel free to email with any questions.

    Thanks again,


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